Rhonda Grovenor is an inspirational Aboriginal woman who has recently become a Circle Solutions trainer. One of the reasons she embraces Circles is that they are congruent with Aboriginal culture. She wrote this poem and gave us permission to upload this on the site.

My Brother My Sister
Dont try to put me down
Your waisting your time
It aint gonna happen

Cause I know who I am
and what I can do
You see Ive found the secret……To Happiness

And Im gonna share it with you

The secret to Happiness is called “Circle Solutions” ” some say it’s the magic circle

In it you’ll find
Inclusion and Kindness

You’ll feel You Belong and are valued
You’ll feel acknowledged and are important and what you say is important

That is the Secret
Now go out and join in the Circle
You too may experience the magic of “Circle Solutions”