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Most of the documents on this page have version numbers that you should be able to check against any older copies you may have: older versions are generally invalid and/or contain out-of-date contact or pricing information etc.

TRAINING DAY POWERPOINTS (password protected for accredited trainer use only)
For Trainers in Australia: cs-trainer-presentation-v21-october-2016-pwd.ppt
For Trainers in the UK: CS Trainer UK June2017 pwd.ppt
For Trainers in the rest of the world: CS Trainer World 2017 pwd.ppt
The passwords are changed from previous versions, but only by changing the date: if you have forgotten the password, email admin-at-sueroffey-dot-com
You will need to add in the Circle Solutions Photofilm – Circle-Solutions-edit-2016.mp4 – which is too large to include in the PowerPoint here. We recommend that you then save the whole presentation including the film as a .pptx file, which then carries the film with it when being copied.

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE AT INTRO DAY:  This must be signed by an Accredited Trainer to be valid:
For Trainers in Australia: with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers shown: Circle Solution Certificate AusProfStds
For Trainers in the rest of the world: Circle Solution Certificate World

REGISTER as a Circle Solutions school:
For Trainers in Australia: Registration form Aus Aug17
For Trainers in the rest of the world: Registration form Jun17

HANDOUTS: For teachers attending a Course:
CS One page flyer Jun17
CS course handout Jun17  (includes Resources)

CIRCLE FACILITATOR CHECKLIST:  To maximise the chance that you will get the positive outcomes from Circles:
Facilitation checklist Jun17

EVALUATION OF TRAINING: Procedure for evaluating the intro at the end of the day and for recording training days:
Evaluation form Jun17
Trainer record Jun17

LICENSES:  The Copyright and Trainer Licences under which Accredited Trainers run courses:
Copyright and Accreditation Jun17

ORDER FORM for discounted materials from St Luke’s Innovative Resources:
IR ORDER FORM Circle Solutions

The late wonderful Kersti Elliott’s alphabetical index to the games in Circle Time for Emotional Literacy:
Games Index CTEL
A searchable, sortable, Excel version of the Games Index from Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing:
CSSW Games Index


The last few are probably the most important!

ECP27_1 Roffey
• Content and context for learning about relationships: A cohesive framework for individual and whole school development, from Educational and Child Psychology 27 (1)
Circle time Research CEOM
• An action research article on Circle Time and Restorative approaches.
Games article
• Robyn Hromek & Sue Roffey (2009) Promoting Social and Emotional Learning With Games: “It’s Fun and We Learn Things”. Article first published on June 15, 2009 in Simulation and Gaming as doi:10.1177/1046878109333793
Benard on resiliency 1991
• Fostering Resiliency in Kids: Protective Factors in the Family, School, and Community by Bonnie Benard, August 1991: This is old but still relevant. There is more up to date material on Google and if you are really interested buy the 2004 book Resiliency: What have we Learned? (see Benard interview 2004
School Ecology and Wellbeing
• Sue Roffey (2008) Emotional literacy and the ecology of school wellbeing
2011 Roffey Enhancing Connectedness
• Sue Roffey (2011) Enhancing Connectedness in Australian Children & Young People. Asian Journal of Counselling, 18 (1 & 2) 15-39. – also Google the Wingspread Declaration on School Connectedness
Sustainability and implementation of SEL Elias
• Implementation and sustainability of Social and Emotional Learning. Book Chapter in Sustaining Professional Learning Communities by Maurice Elias
Scoping Study on Student Wellbeing
• 2008 report to DEEWR Australia: Noble, McGrath, Roffey & Rowling
2012 Teacher student wellbeing Roffey
• Sue Roffey (2012) Pupil well-being – Teacher well-being: Two sides of the same coin? Educational & Child Psychology 29 (4).
2013 Circle Solutions Outcomes Roffey McCarthy
• Sue Roffey and Florence McCarthy (2013) Circle Solutions: a philosophy and pedagogy for learning positive relationships. What promotes and inhibits sustainable outcomes? in International Journal of Emotional Education 5(1): 36-55
• Aboriginal Girls Circle: enhancing connectedness and promoting resilience for Aboriginal girls: Final Pilot Report. Prepared by Brenda Dobia, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Roberto Parada, Virginia O’Rourke, Shirley Gilbert, Annie Daley and Sue Roffey
• Sue Roffey (2015) Becoming an agent of change for school and student wellbeing. E&CP 31 (1).
• There seems to be a lack of clarity around what wellbeing in school means and uncertainty about how you ‘do’ it. This article I wrote for aims to untangle this confusing concept …
Building a case for whole-child, whole-school wellbeing in challenging contexts
2016: Sue Roffey in Educational and Child Psychology 33 (2)

Newly added: 2017: Sue Roffey: Learning Healthy Relationships, in Carmel Proctor (Ed), Positive Psychology Interventions in Practice, Dordrecht: Springer.